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The idea of launching the startup came to Adnan Khawaja (Founder & CEO) after he had a severe car accident while driving to the office in the summers of 2012. Luckily he escaped from it without injuries, but his car was smashed from the front and back, resulting him to excessively rely on his office transport or rickshaws to commute. The days he was frequently using rickshaws made him befriend many drivers whom he would usually have long conversations with during his daily trips, often leading to deeper conversations about their stories of struggle in the face of economic hardships. It was then that he realized that it was in fact huge inefficiency in the ride matchmaking process that was driving thousands of rickshaw driver families into worsening economic conditions, which can be remedied with the help of a mobile based intervention. He also understood how much convenience, safety and economy a passenger can get with the help of a mobile based bidding and match-making platform (which was named later, Odd Jobber). The key to innovation was to keep the intervention as inclusive as possible for the large number of drivers that could work well on their inexpensive feature phones.

With the support of his wife, Hina Adnan (the co-founder), also a Cherie Blaire Mentee, a lean team of developers, able mentoring from the greats such as Bob Dorf, and extensive customer development surveys, he was able to put together a viable business model. However, it was not until 2013 that Adnan quit his job as a head of strategy for a leading tech manufacturer and launched the startup. It was not long before the initiative started picking up prestigious local and international awards and social impact fellowships. People also started touting it as Uber for Rickshaws, but the founders felt it was much more.

Our Team

Our team consists of experts in business and technology areas with passion to solve complex social problems in a sustainable manner. We follow a lean methodology and rely extensively on out of the building surveys to assess problems and needs in order to come up with the right solutions for them.


Bob Dorf

Bob Dorf a serial entrepreneur, is often called the ― "midwife of Customer Development," helping Steve Blank deploy it when Blank's eighth start-up, Epiphany, opened in 1996. The two have been friends and colleagues since. Dorf is co-author with Steve Blank of The Start-up Owner's Manual. He also runs the firm's boutique consultancy, helping major corporations and start-ups alike effectively deploy the Customer Development process. Entrepreneurial since age 12, Dorf founded six companies, most explosive of which was Marketing 1to1 (later Peppers & Rogers Group), a former Inc. 500 company. He's invested in or advised more than a score of start-ups and teaches Customer Development at Columbia Business School so we are very lucky to have his help!

Fawzia Naqvi

Ms. Naqvi joined the Open Society Foundations, New York in May 2006 and serves as Vice President of the Soros Economic Development Fund. Her responsibilities include structuring and implementing investment strategies in financial services, micro-insurance, small and medium enterprises, agriculture, logistics, healthcare and other impact investment initiatives. Ms. Naqvi is responsible for SEDF’s investment portfolio in India as well as fund investments in Mexico and a Micro-Insurance fund which invests in Africa and Asia. In addition Ms. Naqvi co-founded Open Society Foundations Pakistan Economic Policy think tank called Institute for Development and Economic Alternatives (IDEAS), a Lahore, Pakistan based think tank focused on economic and social development. Currently Ms. Naqvi is a member of the team tasked with building Open Society Foundation’s new Economic Advancement Program.

Prior to joining SEDF, Fawzia worked for Women’s World Banking for five years as a microfinance expert with responsibility for Pakistan in addition to other Asian countries. Prior to joining WWB, she spent ten years with Citibank in New York, where she worked for the Financial Institutions Group for Emerging Markets. Her responsibilities at Citibank included building banking relationships with the Not-for-Profit sector in Central Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Latin America, as well as coordinating and managing Citibank’s Task Force on Microfinance Initiatives. She was given the responsibility with microfinance institutions in the emerging markets.

Ms. Naqvi has a bachelor’s degree in international relations from Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts and a Columbia University.

Ms. Naqvi grew up in Mangla, Tarbela and Lahore Pakistan prior to moving to Manila, Philippines and the United States. She currently lives and works in New York.


The company has consistently picked up awards and recognitions validating its business model, team strength, innovation and potential to create impact.


We are grateful to the press and media to cover some of our achievements in the past.

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IdeaCentricity Selected for GIST Entreprenuer Journey to the US
June 26th, 2014

IdeaCentricity Selected for GIST Entreprenuer Journey to the US

IdeaCentricity was recently selected to represent Pakistan in the prestigious GIST Entrepreneur Journey to the US....

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IdeaCentricity gets 2nd prize in Pakistan Startup Cup
December 08th, 2013

IdeaCentricity gets 2nd prize in Pakistan Startup Cup

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IdeaCentricity successfully completes +Acumen and IDEO Course
August 22nd, 2013

IdeaCentricity successfully completes +Acumen and IDEO Course

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June 26th, 2014

GIST Journey to the US

IdeaCentricity was recently selected to represent Pakistan in the prestigious GIST Entrepreneur Journey to the US. The company had qualified for this opportunity after intense competition and was amongst 12 entrepreneurs chosen from around the globe.

While the event provided the opportunity to network with US entrepreneurs, investors and learn from the best practitioners in the technology industry, it was a unique opportunity to showcase Pakistan from a different light and to tell an inspirational tale about the lives of the many of determined and hardworking low-skilled workers that IdeaCentricity is trying to improve with the help of its innovative technology platform – Odd Jobber.

Earlier, IdeaCentricity had been awarded the Fulbright Social Innovation Award after pitching at TEDxFulbright DC, and received 2nd prize in Pakistan Startup Cup. The company has also been featured in a number of local as well as international publications including Fast Company, Tech in Asia, Pakistan Observer etc.

Odd Jobber is a mobile based bidding and matchmaking platform for low skilled jobs that brings convenience, sophistication and efficiency while providing additional income opportunities for the millions of job seekers in Pakistan. The platform makes creative use of an ordinary mobile phone and doesn’t require GPS or mobile data connectivity too. Workers are tracked using their mobile phone signals and are alerted about job opportunities in their proximity to which they can respond with their bids simply via SMS or phone call. All this data is sent to the prospective employer within five minutes of request along with service rating information for matchmaking. The user selects the worker he wishes to employ and provides rating towards the end of the service based on which the worker is provided useful tips and training.

The company has successfully concluded trial service with rickshaw drivers at selected areas of Lahore and now intends to introduce the service in the rest of the city before scaling nationwide. Also the company intends to experiment with other worker segments including domestic and office workers, and agricultural workers etc while aiming to bring additional income of $80 Mn for about 67,000 households in three years. This can only be possible through support from the community as we seek to create sufficient public awareness about this initiative.

MIC, 5th Floor, 346 B, Ferozepur Road Lahore
Phone: 0311 1199 199